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Jennifer Keuch DeGraaf


These are a few of my current oil painting pet portraits

I strive for interesting compositions with great focus

on the eyes.  

Eng Tay

Eng Tay is an Malaysian born artist living and working in NYC.  He works in sculpture, painting and Intaglio prints.  HIs images envoke strong images of family, peace and well being.  His color palates are earthy and warm. 

John Baughman

Baughman studied art at the University of Michigan, the University of California at Berkeley and Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles.  Baughman has developed a unique approach to monoprinting, imposint multimedia painted structures over vividly colored silkscreen backgrounds.  On one hand, his methodology is analytical.  HIs window approach to landscapes is a strategy for isolating the geometry of natural or man made environments.  Baughman's art is simply beautiful, his pieces reflect an almost oceanic tranquility.

John Nieto

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